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    Computar lenses provides over 200 state of the art lens products giving you the flexibility needed to get the precise angle of view for every application. Computar lenses have set the world standard through pioneering design, manufacture and global sales. With millions of installations worldwide, there is Computar lens for virtually every application.

    Video Surveillance… “Your Security is Our Vision”

    Choosing the right lens is fundamental for clear, effective video surveillance. Computar lenses are deployed in critical security applications worldwide and are engineered for optimal performance in the most challenging surveillance conditions.

    Factory Automation…
    “Precision Optics For Machine Vision”

    Computar’s machine vision lenses range from megapixel, high resolution, fixed and varifocal, to manual and motorized zoom lenses for applications ranging from PC board inspection to viewing glass bottles on a production line.

    Transportation System…
    “Intelligent Vision Equals Intelligent Transportation”

    Intelligent transportation systems rely on precise, state-of-the-art optics for intelligent vehicles, traffic monitoring, license palate identification and intelligent infrastructure. Computer optics deliver the precision necessary for the successful deployment of intelligent transportation systems.

    Medical Field…
    “Clear Innovation Optics Engineered For life Sciences”

    Computar lenses are engineered for fine detail and the complex optional challenges met in the life Sciences market, including medical imaging.

    Important Public Facilities…
    “Mission Critical Focus For Mission Critical Defense”

    Meeting the security challenges of today to ensure you a safe and secure future Computar engineers lenses for mission critical perimeter surveillance, port transportation infrastructure, and harbor and airport security applications.

    OEM…“Pixel Perfect Fit For OEM Manufacturing”

    With 29 offices, factories and distribution centers worldwide, Computar is well positioned globally to provide product planning, cost-effective optical products for commercial OEM manufacturers.


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