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    Industrial lens manufacturer with the top share in the world

    "Computar" is CBC's Group's brand of industrial lenses with around a 40-year history. It currently secures the top share in the industry for the global market, providing not only high performance and high quality but also a rich lineup of product groups with excellent cost performance.
    The research and development structure and distribution structure to properly understand the needs of many users, promptly develop excellent products that meet various uses and purposes and supply them to the market in each country of the world are also the Computar brand's major assets, with the background of the CBC Group's enriched global network.


    As a manufacturer to provide high-quality and highly-reliable products

    The major advantage of the Computar brand also includes development of characteristic lens products that fit various uses and installations such as the industry's first F/1.0 aspherical varifocal lenses, amazing 30x zoom lenses, 16x zoom lenses for day and night, board lenses, and FA (factory automation) lenses that can be used for various special purposes.
    In the area of surveillance use, we are adopted for surveillance cameras of various manufacturers in the world, and have established operations at places requiring a high-level security structure particularly at financial institutions, international airports, public facilities, railway stations, and harbors, acquiring trust from the global market.


    Computar brand: Proactive interlock of "research and development" and "distribution"

    We consider that the Computar brand is highly evaluated by the global market today because of the series of our abilities to design, manufacture, carry inventory, and supply with responsibility, by utilizing our experiences and knowledge acquired through the process of manufacturing and selling lenses for surveillance cameras and FA lenses to the world. Computar will further grow into a leading industrial lens manufacturer in the world in the future, by strengthening and proactively interlocking two actions: "research and development" to properly understand the need of every user in the world and realize further technical development and quality improvement, and "distribution" to continually and stably supply cutting-edge lens products.



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