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    Thank you for using the website of Computar Global Brand Center & Data Center. It (the website) is managed and operated by CBC Co., Ltd. < TOKYO, JAPAN; Head Office of CBC GROUP and "Computar" Brand > (the Company) and its agents. Please read the following information before reading or using it. The information may be changed without prior notification.

    Use Outside Japan and Governing Law

    This website is operated by the Company and its agents in Japan. The Company makes no representation or warranty as to the access to this website or any information on this website is appropriate, lawful or possible in any country or region other than Japan.
    The use of this website and the interpretation, application, etc. of any information put on this website or any of the terms of use shall be governed by the Japanese laws unless otherwise specified. In the event that any dispute arises in connection with the use of this website, the District Court of Tokyo shall be the court of first instance.


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    Personal Information

    The Company has created a Personal Information Protection Policy and works to appropriately handle personal information. Click here for the Company's Personal Information Protection Policy.


    The Company provides no guarantee regarding the website and is not liable for problems between customers and third parties related to its use in the case of mistaken content. The Company is also not liable for any software- or hardware-related accidents or damage caused by the use of the site. Information, file names, and other items on the website may be changed without prior notice.


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